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IBC - Part Two

Earlier I talked about AVC-Ultra, the major headliner for us at IBC this year. 

Today I want to introduce the next of our big draws, the Olympics and 3D.

Panasonic’s support for the Olympics goes way back to 1988 in Seoul. The strengths of our digital technology were recognized there, and since Barcelona in 1992, our formats have been used as the official recording format at every Olympic games. 

Just as the Olympics are a festival of sport, they are also a kind of festival for broadcasting technology. There is constant effort to ensure the delivery of the emotional moments of the Olympics to viewers around the world in the highest quality and most realistic manner possible.

To acheive that, how do we, the Panasonic broadcast engineers, prepare?

Just like Olympic athletes we must train day and night (through our work) to improve and maintain our skills and senses.

This training led us to this coming Olympics’ major advancement, 3D.


In addition to the professional 3D palm camcorder3D monitor, and 3D switchers that we have already released, we will be now offering the AG-3DP1, a full, broadcast-grade, shoulder-mount 3D camcorder, and a 3D recorder, the AG-HPD24.

The high zoom ratio, high definition AVC-Intra codec, multi-camera system ability, and multitude of 3D assist functions included in these products will ensure that the first 3D footage to be broadcast from the Olympics will be stunning.

With our advanced technology, Panasonic is also aiming for a gold medal at the London Olympics.

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