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InterBEE Report (Part 2)

As you know, Panasonic is currently working hard to increase the use of 3D. In order to demonstrate the compactness and usability of the 3DA1 twin lens 3D camera, we recently tested underwater shooting. Underwater shooting often brings to mind footage of tropical fish or beautiful coral reefs, but this time we tried something new: synchronized swimming.

We decided that if we were going to try shooting synchronized swimming, we wanted to shoot the best representation of the sport possible, so we looked for the cooperation of some top-class swimmers, and were able to shoot Maya and Saya Kimura, twin swimmers who have represented Japan internationally. For shots from the poolside we used the 3DP1, taking advantage of the long zoom range and high image quality of the AVC-Intra codec. For the underwater shots, we used the 3DA1 in a perfectly-fitting underwater casing.  This allowed us to capture underwater 3D images with a lively feel that would not be practical with a rig system.

I hope you all will have a chance to see the video in 3D at a show soon, but for now, please enjoy this short 2D video shot on location.After the video was completed, Maya and Saya were kind enough to join us at InterBEE. When doing synchronized swimming, their appearance is very much that of powerful athletes, so I was surprised to meet them and see that they are in fact quite petite and feminine.

I talked with them for quite a while, and took a photo with them. It was a great time and a wonderful opportunity to meet such talented athletes.

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