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New at NAB

Finally, NAB is about to start. 

The theme of our booth this year is “AVC Ultra - Ready for the Next Generation”

Today we revealed the next stage in the progression of the P2HD series, which has been a driving force in the advancement of file-based broadcast and production systems.

In addition to the current AVC-Intra 100 and 50, AVC-Ultra, our new codec, will add support for next generation 4K with AVC-Intra444, and AVC-Long G, which makes possible highly efficient and affordable full HD production. We have already added the low bitrate AVC-Proxy, which allows for operation and browsing via the internet, for use with time-sensitive transmissions. We will provide specific solutions to address the image quality and efficiency needs of all professional users. 

Next, the cameras that will include the rapidly evolving AVC-Ultra codec:

First is the 4K Varicam. With a small recording pack that harnesses AVC-Intra444 to its full potential,  a modular form that optimizes field operability, and a sensor that faithfully reproduces a full 4K frame. We expect it to be welcomed in the world of 4K2K mastering.

Next is the shoulder mount AG-HPX600. Although 2/3” size with very high sensitivity, it is extremely low-weight. It is also expandable to AVC-Ultra. Users for whom future network environments are important will able to add AVC-LongG when available. 

This is the arrival of a next generation camera that puts a focus on IT connectivity.

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