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Varicam Logo

Did anyone notice that the Varicam logo has changed?


The logo used previously was a V ,with the right side designed to look like a feather, representing the type of precise movements that could be captured using variable frame rate technology, as well as the sprockets of a film camera, representing our goal of bringing film-like creativity to the Varicam.

imageWith the new logo, we are trying to express the two key concepts of our new Varicam line: Revolution and Emotion. 


The left side of the new logo is very similar to the old one, representing our commitment to the continuation of the Varicam line.The right side is designed to represent the merging of film and digital. The blocks represent digital bits, as well as a film strip. It is also stylized to express that the Varicam will provide emotional, film-like pictures.

I hope that when you get a chance to try out the new Varicam line, you feel the logo represents its performance nicely. 

Next week in this space, I plan to talk about the modular design, as well as the brand new Super35-sized sensor.

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