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Signing Ceremony in China

Recently we held a press event in conjunction with China Central Television (CCTV).  About 60 press organizations gathered for our announcements:
-a large purchase of Panasonic equipment by CCTV
-Panasonic support for 3D shooting at the London Olympics

This year, CCTV will be opening a new building, shown in the picture above. It is a wonderful new building, with a very modern design, and a variety of new funcionality. They have adopted a large quantity of P2 products as their main cameras. Among these, they purchased 300 units of our AJ-HPX3100 for use in both news and production. They have also purchased 48 units of AK-HC3500 to be their main studio cameras. They have also purchased 8 units of our new AG-3DP1 for use in the test 3D broadcasts they started in January, including the London Olympics

After the announcements, we looked back at the history of broadcasting in China, as advanced by CCTV and Panasonic, and the executives praised Panasonic for our contributions. As always, I was really happy to be able to receive this praise from  customers. We also presented two top executives of CCTV, Station Head He Zong Jin and Chief Engineer Ding Wen Hua, with a letter of appreciation and trophy to show our thanks. Our aim is to continue working with customers to develop new products.

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BIRTV Show (Part Two)

I won’t say that it is true of all Chinese customers, but I think it is safe to say that in general, in China it is very important to share drinks with customers before you can really say you have a good relationship. It is also safe to say that in many cases, the way of drinking is a bit excessive. 

Evenings at the BIRTV show were again this year filled with never-ending choruses of “kanpei" with glasses of Baijiu.
As a lot of you may be aware, Baijiu has an alcohol content around 50%, and kanpei, the word for “cheers” in Chinese translates to “dry glass”, meaning you have to finish your glass every time you toast. Even for someone like myself, who enjoys drinking, it can be dangerous.

Our customer socializing events this year began the night before the start of BIRTV, with an event we called “A Panasonic Evening”, attended by 650 users and members of the media.We started the event with a traditional Japanese breaking opening of a sake barrel and a song from Panasonic employees, then left it to professionals to entertain the attendees with songs, performances and magic tricks. I wasn’t able to toast attendees at all sixty tables, but I was certainly able to speak with a great number of our customers. I want to thank everyone who attended the event.

During BIRTV as well, there were many occasions when I disappeared from the booth to join customers for meals and the inevitable beverages. 

Looking back at BIRTV, it certainly was an alcohol-filled event, but I definitely get a strong feeling that our cameras are going to perform well in the rapidly growing Chinese market. 

Baijiu photo from Wikipedia
Barrel-breaking photo from

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BIRTV Show in China

Last week I attended BIRTV, the major annual broadcast trade show in China.

The effort that each exhibitor, including ourselves, put into the show really reflects the pace at which China is growing. The pace of growth and advancement from Chinese manufacturers was also quite impressive. 

In previous years, the Panasonic booth has always focused on individual products, but this year we changed to an exhibit that aggressively introduced various applications of our products. 

We set up a news studio in the centre of the booth, from where we
co-ordinated broadcasts of products from various booths. We also arranged various sets to allow users to get a feeling for our products in cinema, entertainment, news, and 3D shooting environments. 

"music setting" studio for palm cameras
The “music setting” stage for palm cameras.

The “racing setting” stage to showcase 3D cameras.

Our Chinese customers were very happy with the new exhibition style, telling me that it was easy to relate how the cameras would perform in real-life situations. 

The major products on display were:
- the soon to be released palm series (AG-HPX250, AG-AC160/AC130)
- AG-3DP1 high-end 3D camcorder, which made a big splash among the users in China, where the 3D content market is poised to explode
- Two new low-cost monitors, BT-L1500 and BT-L2150
- Our new AV-HS410 switcher
- New AW-HE120 remote camera

The product lineup we showed at BIRTV represents a significant update from what we showed at NAB this year, and are all products that we great confidence in. I hope that you will consider them when considering equipment upgrades over the next little while. 

Our next major trade show is IBC, September 9-13 in Amsterdam. We look forward to presenting some exciting news to all our European users.

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