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Signing Ceremony in China

Recently we held a press event in conjunction with China Central Television (CCTV).  About 60 press organizations gathered for our announcements:
-a large purchase of Panasonic equipment by CCTV
-Panasonic support for 3D shooting at the London Olympics

This year, CCTV will be opening a new building, shown in the picture above. It is a wonderful new building, with a very modern design, and a variety of new funcionality. They have adopted a large quantity of P2 products as their main cameras. Among these, they purchased 300 units of our AJ-HPX3100 for use in both news and production. They have also purchased 48 units of AK-HC3500 to be their main studio cameras. They have also purchased 8 units of our new AG-3DP1 for use in the test 3D broadcasts they started in January, including the London Olympics

After the announcements, we looked back at the history of broadcasting in China, as advanced by CCTV and Panasonic, and the executives praised Panasonic for our contributions. As always, I was really happy to be able to receive this praise from  customers. We also presented two top executives of CCTV, Station Head He Zong Jin and Chief Engineer Ding Wen Hua, with a letter of appreciation and trophy to show our thanks. Our aim is to continue working with customers to develop new products.

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