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IBC Show 2012

Panasonic’s booth features three main areas, each with a simple message: a live studio area, a camera area, and an AVC-Ultra area. 

The studio area features our new HC3800 studio camera,

the camera corner features our new HPX600 and AC90 camcorders,


and the AVC-Ultra corner displays the new AVC-Ultra codec family, from the transfer-prioritized AVC Long-G, to AVC-Intra 444, which provides the ultimate in image quality.

Also featured in our booth is a variety of footage, including 3D footage from the London Olympics. Our goal for this show was to present our concepts as simply as possible. If you are at the show in Amsterdam, please visit our booth, at Stand C45, Hall 9!

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Olympic Support Team - 6

Our Olympic support team has been very busy with the games going on every day, but I recently received this report about the public viewing of the games in London, and thought I would share:

There are numerous spots around the city where events are being shown on large screens.

They are free, with concerts and other events happening simultaneously, so thousands of people have been converging in some cases. I have attended a few of the sessions, and of course being the host country, whenever a British athlete appears, the crowd gets extremely excited. I have never experienced watching anything with such a large crowd, but the ability to cheer and share emotion together is really amazing, and matches the intensity of the Olympics. 

Seeing so many people together watching the images that our equipment is helping to capture really made me feel proud, and renewed my focus to ensure everything goes well at these Games. I hope everyone around the world is enjoying watching the Olympics, whether at home or at a public viewing.

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Olympic Support Team - 5

With one day left to go, our support team at the Olympics has been busy! Below is a report from the team member focused on ensuring the first 3D Olympics is successful. 

A rehearsal of the opening ceremony was held on the evening of the 25th. I took the picture below while helping out in the 3D broadcast truck. I recommend everyone watch the show - the rehearsal was amazing!

There are 4 units of 3DP1 to be used to shoot the opening ceremonies. The feeds from two of the units are sent back to the truck via optical fiber, while the other two are set up for Steadicam use as seen below, and their feeds will be transmitted wirelessly. 

I can’t wait to see the 3D Olympic footage these cameras produce!

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