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InterBEE Review (AVC-Ultra)


At InterBEE this year, our booth concept was “Ultra Speed and Quality”, and we focused on proposing new and advanced workflows to our customers. Especially with regards to our ideas for cloud workflows, we received positive comments and agreement from many broadcasters. The key to making possible such a cloud workflow is a high-quality, low bitrate codec, such as AVC-Ultra.

As I hope you all know well by now, AVC-Ultra features very strong compression technology to allow for very high quality video at a low bitrate. But what you may now know is that we have managed to contain all of that AVC-Ultra power in a single LSI chip, known as DYNA.

This is significant because it allows to include the high-powered AVC-Ultra codecs in compact, palm-type camcorders, the first of which will be the AJ-PX270, to be released in Spring 2014.


In addition to being the first AVC-Ultra palm camcorder, and a completely redesigned body, the PX270 also boasts a wide range of new features, including a new compact 22X zoom lens, OLED viewfinder, high-res LCD, and a variety of other new features to enhance usability. Please watch the below video to learn more about the PX270, and stay tuned for more news and demo footage as we get closer to the release in Spring 2014.

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What’s new with P2 at IBC

For a while, Panasonic has talked about AVC-Ultra, the new family of broadcast codecs, providing coverage from low bitrates to high-end, master-quality recording. Now we are pleased to begin providing products featuring AVC-Ultra.

PX500 The first products to market are the AJ-PX5000 shoulder-type camcorder featuring 2/3” 2.2M 3MOS sensors, and the AJ-PD500 compact 4U half-rack size memory card recorder.

These are the first products to feature slots for microP2 cards, the new solid-state broadcast media compliant with the UHS-II standard for SD memory cards. As they also feature networking ability, we believe these products will greatly improve our customers’ working processes.

Also, the basic performance of the PX5000 has also been dramatically increased in comparison to previous models. I believe that witnessing the incredibly sensitive and noise-free images will help you appreciate the strength of our sensor technology.


Also at IBC, we are for the first time displaying a working model of the new AJ-PX270 handheld camcorder. I hope that you will soon get look at these products at IBC or another event, and witness the power of the AVC-Ultra family.

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P2 Viewer Plus

Today I would like to introduce the our new software for viewing P2 footage. With a load of new features, we have named it P2 Viewer Plus

The first point to which I would like to draw your attention is the all new GUI, which has been completely redesigned based on user feedback, for the purpose of better usability. We believe the new software will be extremely useful for our P2 users to streamline viewing and copying of P2 files, and editing of metadata. 

We have made the software available for the latest Windows and Mac operating systems, and will be offering premium features for sale, starting with the ingest feature, which aids with bulk copying of P2 files.

I think we have outfitted the software with a range of new features that befits the “Plus” name, and I hope that all of our P2 users will give it a try, and provide feedback so that we can make it even better. Visit our homepage to learn more or download the software, and please let us know what you think via our support form or our Facebook page.

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